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My New Pet Is An Inu - Lovingishuman

Peta is 25 years old. He never had many friends and he has never had a girlfriend in his life, but when he was younger his family had a dog and once he had moved out he got himself an own dog. Their love helped him a lot and even though he trained them strictly, he cared well for them.

Now that his dog died because of cancer when he was only 6 years old, he wants to get a new dog from the animal shelter, until he finds an article in the newspaper that says that you can adopt inus now - hybrids out of dogs and humans.

He decides to adopt the 16 years old inu girl Cathy. But how does he want her to be? Does he only want her as a new pet or is he hoping for something more? At least Cathy doesn't seem to meet his expectations.

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