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My Little Cutie - Citrus Lover

This is a Shai x Himeko story

After getting rejected by her childhood friend, Himeko felt upset and angry as well. Not only because Mei rejected her but because she lost Mei to the blonde delinquent Yuzu. Himeko still didn't get why Mei would end up with someone like her instead of her. Yuzu ended up feeling bad for what happened to Himeko and wanted to make her feel better. Since Shai moved back and ended up in the Academy, Yuzu found out about Shai's relationship and her ex so she decided to hook Shai up with Himeko on a blind date. Shai wasn't okay with the idea at first until she gave it a try. Himeko didn't know if she should but decided to do it since Yuzu didn't stop begging. Shai and Himeko didn't expect to meet up which surprised both of them. Shai enjoyed spending time with Himeko...everything was going well but there was one small problem...a problem that Shai thought she could never solve...
"Gr-grandmother it's not what you think! I'm not into her!" Shai shouted
"Shai I took you in this family to be the next heir to the Higashi family. You will act like a Higashi whether you like it or not. You are the chosen one" Her grandmother said sternly. Shai just looked at her and clenched her fists tightly. She looked beside her seeing a knife. Her body trembled and felt a rush go through her body
'Kill her'
"Shai! Listen to me! You will not see that little Momokino no more! She's no good for you!" Her grandmother said raising her voice
"So what!? I like her okay?! And whether you like it or not...I'm going to date her and marry her one day! You can't tell me what to do!" Shai shouted and glared at her. Her grandmother sighed deeply and looked up at her
"You do know Mr. Momokino killed your father right?" Her grandmother asked
"Wh-what...did you s-say?" Shai asked as she trembled

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