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My Crazy Obsessive Possessive Scary Boyfriend - Alynelovesyou

"It wasn't something I planned to happen. To fall for his darkish ways, the way he would grip me possessively, or to growl in my ear that I belonged to him. He wasn't meant to come into my life and push me away from my friends or my family, nor was he ever meant to take away my innocence. But he did. He came in like a freight train and I was the deer stuck in the headlights on the track and before I knew it I was on the adventure of my life--or my death."

Rated M for mature themes, language, and sexual content.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT ROMANTICIZE ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. It's just a story and should never EVER be something you seek for. If you or someone you know is in a relationship like this then please please seek help. It is not healthy and can seriously lead to serve injury, mental issues, or even death.


This is an adaptation of my twilight fanfic. You will see similarities so please don't complain to me about how it sounds like "twilight" or blah blah blah. Fifty Shades Of Grey was originally a twilight fic and you can see similarities there too.

Just enjoy it!

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