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My Absence - -k

Nala is a lost girl. She is abused, a werewolf/vampire/witch hybrid. She is malnourished, and in a severe condition.

"You stupid girl! You deserve to die! You killed the Luna! My mate!" the Alpha, my father said.

"But I-I didn't mean to! I-I-I-" Nala got cut off by the Alpha's whip.

Nala could no longer feel her back. Everyday she would get whipped with a liquid silver whip, a plain piece of solid silver and , wolvesbane and shot with liquid wolvesbane.

At school she was bullied. She had no friends. Nala was lonely. Her mother, the pack Luna, died giving birth to Nala. Her father raped her. The unmated male wolves in the pack used her.

She cooked, cleaned, did everyone's chores plus her own, cleaned everyone's rooms, and did everyone's school work.

Aiden, Alpha of the most powerful pack in North America, has been respected since he was born. Has maids to do everything for him. He is the school's bad boy. The biggest rebel. Ruler of the Mafia. Trillionare. King of wolves and werewolves.

Along the way, secrets are revealed, and the most unexpected things breakout. Nothing Nala thought was possible, is possible.

One day, Alpha Aiden goes to a new school. Nala and Aiden bump paths. How will they react? Will it be good? Will it be bad? Will two opposite ends attract? Read to find out!

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