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Melody's Crush - Alora Dillon

Aren't one sided crushes fun?


18 year old Melody Jenkins has spent the last 3 years of high school crushing on one guy, Jake Kensington, who sees her as no more than a sister from another mister and best friend. Not wanting to risk their friendship, Melody has kept her crush a secret and her emotions in check whenever she's around him... which is daily since they live on the same property.

It's her senior year and she has made it through the past three years of high school with little social psychological trauma. That's excellent considering she goes to a school in Los Angeles where the majority of the bored students graduating will have executive paying jobs the moment they walk across stage. If all goes well, she will graduate as the valedictorian with multiple offers from colleges on the East Coast, far away from California.

But when the health teacher announces a "special" project that requires students to be paired and live under the same roof for one week, Melody's world gets completely turned upside down. She is forced to spend time with someone totally opposite of her and frankly, she can't stand... or so she thought. One night of catching a glimpse of the softer side of Kyle Warner, the school's most popular and arrogant quarterback, has her heart pounding and her stomach doing flip-flops.

But when Melody shows an ounce of affection toward Kyle, Jake discovers feelings of his own as he tries to protect his best friend from the guy he knows Kyle can be.

As the project comes to an end, Melody goes to homecoming... will it be a night to remember, forget or both?

Be advised, this contemporary Teen / Young Adult Romance story has some strong language and strong sexual connotation.

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