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Match Box (twau Fanfic) - Moop

The continuation of Maya Hayes (a.k.a The Little Match Girl) and Bigby Wolf after they've caught the Crooked Man. In this sequel unanswered questions are answered and relationships take their turns. Here we'll see as Maya and Bigby's partnership grows as they fight crime and defend Fabletown. And Baby Toads are happy and collecting all the bugs they desire. With fat talking pigs who make themselves right at home and Some princesses who are as cold as snow. Within every Fable they either have a happy or a bad ending so let's see where this one is going to end.

This FanFiction is loosely based off the "Fables"& "The Wolf Among Us" comics more than the game itself which was the previous book to this one but does make references to it. I DO NOT own any of the characters beside Maya Hayes. Although the Little Match girl does appear in the "Fables" comics my interpretation of her is completely different and don't have the same name. With this said I hope you all enjoy!

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