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Married To Mysterious - Fatimahzarah

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In came the tall creature. I bend my head down to avoid looking at him. He stood at the door not moving. My heart beat accelerated and I desperately want this moment to end. Silence engulfed the room once again. I closed my eyes hoping he will disappear the moment I open them but no, he is still here. Standing there with no intention of moving. I have never felt this awkward in my 18years of life.

You look like you just shot a horror scene. He stated, his voice cold. Is marrying me that bad?

Am I supposed to answer to that? I frowned. What is wrong with him?

Listen to me carefully. Because I won't want to have to repeat this to you in any situation. He stated in a voice that a strict teacher will use when warning a student.

What is with him? I thought. Why suddenly? I slowly raised my head to look at him. His face is expressionless. He looks calm.

I dont care if you are living in this house but don't you ever show your face to me. Stay as far away from me and do
n't touch my things.

What a relief!

Did you say something he asked? I did not realised I said that loud. Nothing ,I replied.

Good. With that he went out.

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