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Lucas' Revenge - Neilani Alejandrino

All Samantha is asking for from Lucas is to forgive her for ruining his life four years ago, but how can that be possible when the only thing on his mind is revenge?


When Samantha broke up with the then-nerdy Lucas by spreading lies that ruined his reputation, she destroyed him and left him heartbroken. Four years have passed, however, and Lucas has become a billionaire CEO-gorgeous and sexy as sin. Men have grown to envy him and women have begun adoring him, including Samantha, when the two are brought back together. For her, it was a second chance at love, but for him, it's about exacting his master plan for revenge. And if Lucas has his way, he'll make sure that this time, it's Samantha that gets her heart broken.

[[word count: 40,000-50,000 words]]
Cover designed by Ashley Santoro

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