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Love Thy Roommate - Rush

"Enjoy your stay here for as long as you live 'cause I'm pretty sure it isn't gonna last forever!'' He smirked, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.


Novella can't decide whether to kick her roommate or kiss him.

On one hand: Scott Taylor is this handsome, smouldering vocalist of the boy band Rock Me.

Hands down; total bow-chicka-wow-wow.

On the other hand: He's a potato who tries to kick her out of the apartment.

Maybe that's why she's scared out of her Spongebob Squarepants knickers with the prospect of falling in love with him.

Scott, himself has had a past probably way worse than you holding your pee after drinking ten glasses of chocolate milk with your crush sitting beside you, talking about Niagara Falls.

Therefore, he tries to stay away from Novella before her carefree laugh, her rocking body and her hilarious as hell dance; which probably answers the question - What do you get when you ask a robot to dance like a monkey? - makes him fall in love with her.

The only thing is: The more they spend their time together; the less they hate each other and unknowingly take step closer to falling in love.

To some people having a roommate simply means living with each other; but for Scott and Novella was it their chance to forget their past and to believe in their happily ever after?

Because frankly?

Scott + Nova = Ooh La La.

And you know what they say; sentences that rhyme are usually true... until proven otherwise.


Cover Credits: Sugar_Rush19

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