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Love In Newyork - Rose

Ronald Marshelles
CEO of Marshelles groups. He is the most eligible bachelor in New York
who has everything money, fame, good looks, girls drooling over him both young and old. A billionaire father and an actress mother.
But he wants more.
Love He wants someone to love him unconditionally not for his fame or money.

Soniya Arora
a beautiful, kind, loving funny outgoing girl from a wealthy business family in India.
But something unexpected happens which leads her to run away from her family to New York where she presented herself in a new name and look...
she wants peace in her life. She wants to leave her life without fear

Unexpectedly they meet each other...

Will Soniya able to give the love Ronald is looking for and Ronald be able to give Soniya the peace she wants...

⚠(I do not own any of the pictures that are used in the book)

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