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Lost: Somewhere In Time - J.c. Gunn

On the day of James Robert Scott's 19th birthday, a man with a stainless steel briefcase cabled to his wrist waited outside his classroom door. The letter contained in the case was addressed to James and was postmarked 3 March 1888, 157 years in the past... It was from his grandfather who was lost somewhere in time.

James was 14 when his parents died in an aircar crash and two years later his last remaining immediate family member his grandfather; a Nobel prize-winning physicist disappeared without a trace. On James' 19th birthday, just before finishing his first year of University level courses at the boarding school he had called home for almost ten years, he received the mysterious letter. It indicated that the elder Scott was lost somewhere in time. The letter contained the location of the Time Machine and access codes to the Artificial Intelligence which controlled it. It was located in a secret complex under grandfather's old Victorian mansion in the hills above Cleveland.

James would not be alone in his quest to locate his grandfather somewhen in time. His longtime girlfriend, Hiroko McAdams and their two closest friends, Angelina Lincoln and Michael Watson will be part of the grand adventure.

Lost: Somewhere in Time: a fun, sexy, high-tech adventure in time and space written in the Universe of Earthrise: 2176.
{Formerly titled: My Grandfather's Time Machine}

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