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King Of Wolves - Breanna

This was the day that changed my life forever, also the day I lost my love, my mate... My name is Alex Grey, I am a Prince but the soon to be King of Wolves. It's been a couple of months since that night, everyday I think about her. Each day my pack and I grow stronger. Learning new things with Edward and the other wolves.

Each and everyday I'm stuck in the castle. Locked up in my cell... Ever since Daniel took me away from Alex. I grow weak, not being next to him. Daniel comes to me, talking about this great war that is coming between wolves and panthers. I push through so I can be with Alex, but it goes by in a blur. Hoping someday I will see him again.

The thing is that may be sooner then they think... Both Alex and Elanor will have to test their love for each other. War going on around them, and a war going inside them. Will the win or will they
be lost forever..

The second book to Princess of Wolves!

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