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King Of Diamond - Katlego 'katee' Moncho

Preparing to face losing her one bedroom apartment and beat up Chevy, she decides to drown her sorrows away at a bar where her closest friend Kenny works. Having had enough, she leaves the bar to head to the place she'd come to call home for two years, until something catches her eye.

Just a few feet from her, she spots a handsome man leaving his expensive car, but that's not what catches her attention. Instead, her eyes are trained on the car across the road with the man aiming a gun at the handsome man.

While the shooter angles his shot, adrenaline courses through her veins, and before she knows it, she's running towards the handsome man. Tackling him to the ground, she barely registers the pain that engulfs her in a matter of seconds as the black spots dance about her vision.

She barely hears the man whose life she just saved curse to himself before she is rolled over. Her sharp intake of breath is mistaken for pain by him, but instead she couldn't believe that someone's eyes could look so captivating, even with the lack of light.

"Stay with me Diamond," he whispered.

The last thing she thought was how he knew her name before succumbing to the darkness.

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