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In The Middle Of It All. - Keri

Desperate to salvage all that's left in his and his brothers' careers, Daxton enlists the help of the innocent and blind Mikayla Hudson. However, Mikayla soon realizes that lying to the professionals proves more challenging than she firsts anticipates.

All Daxton has ever cared about doing was keeping his younger brother safe and out of the clutches of the past. He'd done well and had managed to turn his brother into an A-list actor but, in the midst of all the success, Daxton was unable to stop Cameron's physical, emotional and professional down spiral. It all comes to a head when Cameron is arrested with a DUI and the injury of another driver. Now, Daxton needs to think quick if he's to save Cameron's life and career. He's out of options, until Mikayla that is. It's all simple really- make the world believe Cameron Reynolds; self-proclaimed bachelor, is a changed man. With the world as their audience and a mess at their feet, this unlikely trio will need to find salvation somewhere in the middle of it all.

This is the second book in The Marrying You Series. Book 1 does not need to be read to understand this book. It can be read as a stand alone.

Highest rank: #1 in women's fiction

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