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Hunter: Gods & Monsters - Jenni.

Vampires have Slayers.
Werewolves have Trackers.
Everything else has a Hunter.


A lot can happen in a year, Elise Bunting knows that all too well due to how much has occurred since her eighteenth birthday three years ago. Only now she's fought the demons of her past, avoided yet another war, gained some control over powers and is enjoying single life, there isn't anything happening anymore. In the year that's gone by, Elise is able to report that nothing has happened.

At all.

There is no more drama, being sacrificed, unwanted visitors from the gods of other realms and she has a whole tribe of people who accept her for who and what she is. In fact, everything is practically perfect in this Hunters world.

Yet when her mothers latest attempt at a blind date sets her alarm bells ringing, could her year of peace and quiet be about to come to an end in such a way, that everything is about to change all over again?


Recommended reading order:
Hunter: Blood Moon #1
Hunter: Begin Again #2
Hunter: Cursed #3
Hunter: Eclipse #4
Hunter: Gods & Monsters #5

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