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Home For My Heart |kl Rahul Fanfiction| - Naina Sharma

~ "I don't mind. I'm okay with this marriage."
"So, it's a yes from your side?"
"Yeah, it's a yes."
"Well then, I don't have any reason to say no. So, even I'm cool with this."
"Yes." ~

KL Rahul. A well known name, all over the world. An Indian cricketer, and a heartthrob. He sweeps the ball off the field, and also sweeps girls off their feet.

Shyra Iyer. A well known singer, all over India. Her melodious voice mesmerizes everyone, and makes them fall in love with her.

We've seen cricketers get married to actresses, but what if a cricketer gets married to a singer? That too when it's arranged.

Click the 'Read' button to know.

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