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His Little Angel - Jadaisforever

Lilac Emerson is a very sweet girl. Her parents died in car crash when she was 5. Ever since then she's lived with her uncle and his wife who abuse her everyday. Even though she is abused daily Lilac never lets it ruin her innocennce, kindness, happiness, big heart, or her love for making people happy. Since her uncle doesn't gie her money or buy her anything Lilac works at a daycare center and a bakery to get money. She has bought everything she needs or that her heart desires. But what will happen when one day she is pulled out of class and told that she will be transferring to Roman Woods High?

Devine Sullivan is a man with power, money, and everything a guy could dream of having don't forget the looks. He is the leader of the world'smost strongest, feared, and powerful mafia. He has the other mafias in the palm of his hand. He is haunted by his past and doesn't think love is for him untl he meets little Lilac. Will he save her from her abusive uncle? or will he fall in love with her in the process?

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