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His Intense Love - Sweetsmileonlips

This is the sequel of His Revenge..

Jen and Rick, true soulmates met under unfortunate circumstance, His Revenge brought them together and rest is history..

After drifting apart from each other for a year, their path crossed again..this time Jen has made up her mind not to fall for any game of Rick , her innocent love for him has ruined her life, she left alone in this entire world and the guilt of killing her father stayed with her as nightmare. The die heart shipper of love lost the faith on love, she scared and run from the human emotion. She changed for the better.

On the other side, Rick wants Jen back in his life at any cost. He loves her beyond the words, yet he is still arrogant, ruthless and stubborn man. In his whole life he has only learned to hate, showing affection and love is new to him.. But he has made a goal of his life to win Jen back in his life with or without her choice.

Guys let me welcome you in the journey of JenRick love saga...

Can Jen will ever forgive Rick?

Can Rick ever make her fall in love with him again?

Will they ever be together or the destiny again make them fall apart?

His Series

1) His Revenge (completed)

2) His Trophy (Ongoing)

3) His Intense Love

#Anguish ranked 1st - 08/07/20

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