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Hearts Whispers - Aanavats

Ranked #59 (21-May-2018)

Aashi Sharma, a fresher in college. In same college where her cousin Noor is already studying and is her senior, sadly both sisters don't share good terms.

Noor is in the main and popular group of the college with his best friend Kabir Mehra, who is a pouplar face of the college but had a nice record of him.

On one side Aashi is trying to make her way to get into college and make friends, Kabir is enjoying his popular life. They both have different world with no common sharing exept for Noor.

They met and disliked each other from that very instant.

"Spooky", he call her.

"Idiot", she call him.

Will these two ever listen to their heart's whisperings​?

Just read to find out a 21st century love story!

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