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Healer Of Tigers - Breanna

"D-Daniel, your name is Daniel." I said and stopped on the road. He didn't look at me and I take a couple of steps, leaning up against a tree.

He stood there in front of me, "Eve, we have to go... It isn't safe here. I know you thought I was gone, but I'm here now. Please if come with me I will explain everything."

I looked up at him. He was staring at me with defeat. "Daniel, you vanished... Y-You left me there all alone. I cried my heart out, my best-friend was gone. Now... You come back and ask me to with you. I don't know you anymore..."

Once upon a time there was a girl name Evangeline King, Eve for short. She lives in a world full of shifters and non-shifters. Her parents were the King and Queen of people that hated shifters. Eve never believed them, because her best-friend was a shifter.

His name is Daniel Grey, he could shift into a tiger. He would hide his secret from the others. But one day, Daniel vanished and Eve never saw him again. Over time her parents died, and her name and kingdom were forgotten.

Eve became poor and went to live with her friend Amber. Who worked at the bakery, in a small village called Shimmer. Eve lived there for years, working at the local tavern to earn money to help Amber. To this very day, Eve still wonders what happened to her golden tiger.

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