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Halaal Love ~ Of A Childhood Nikah(2). - Dr. Taqiya Sultana Ali

Halaal Love Series Book 2.

A saga of Halaal Love.

Halaal Love ~ Of A Childhood Nikah.


Join in the journey of little sweethearts.

A family of our lovable couple Shaheera And Imad.

Know how they little ones fall in love, the pure form of love. And the right way of parenting and teaching the little ones the right rulings of religion Islam.

To know what comes, join in their journey.

Journey of beautiful little kids, tied in a bond of nikah.

Love has no age, it can occur anytime, anywhere, with anyone. And their young hearts were entwined even before they knew the meaning of love by the creator of everyone.


Sounds crazy to many, but it's a big step towards control of desires to all.

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Thank You.

Jazakumullahu Khairan.

Ma Salaama.

Love ~ Taqiya.

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