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Fireworks - Lyss ☽

Piper Woods has committed the worst kind of emotional suicide. She has fallen in love with her best friend.

Her heart clenched as it dawned on her and she realized just how much he's invaded her life and made his own home in it. Weston's dazzling smile mocks her like a beautiful yet poisonously exotic flower.

At one point he asked if she was okay but all she can do is smile and nod, internally admitting her hatred for herself for being so horribly cliche and stupid.

Hating herself for falling for the world's sick version of a joke; hating herself for not being able to tell him.

Why is love so cruel?

(ENTRY FOR #EverydayMovie CONTEST)

COVER MADE BY: @sunrayssss 💛

"And 498 words made me fall in love with your writing." - _ColourfulShadows_

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