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Fierce Love - Habiba Afifi

Previously called, "The Fighter and the Bad boy"

In a world where the wealthy lead and the poor struggle to fend for themselves, but is everything how it appears to be? Or are there lies hidden in every corner, secrets that hold a lot of meaning and treasure.

Lilly Mathews, a girl broken beyond redemption, who's cocooned in her own shell, hiding herself behind a snappy attitude and sarcastic comebacks. A girl fending for her herself at the ripe age of 17, a high school student by day, a fighter by night, and she's hell of a good one.

Nathaniel Erickson, a rich teenage boy who lives the life of the wealthy. Parties, tuxedos and fancy dinners are in the manual of a rich person. But what if that so called rich boy does not want to act his class? What if he decides to rebel, you get an alcoholic out of control bad boy.

When two people from two completely different worlds meet up, what happens? An array of fights, perverted jokes, yelling and a load of drama and what if they find love along the way? Will two broken people be able to mend one another's broken heart?

Read and Find out what happens in The Fighter and the Bad Boy.

The fabulous cover made by @-fleeky

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