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Fem! Predator X Male Reader - Beyond Vergil

Predator listened to the wildlife of the crazy city, it was different than where she came from. Her and two others of her kind, male, had been chosen to come to eart and hunt down the game. In other words to take out Xenomorphs or what the humans called them and anything strange "Alien". The group had parted in three groups due to the Aliens being in complete separate areas.

1) In some kind of land that held tournaments and superhuman ninja people. (Mortal Kombat)

2) In a very large city. (WitchBlade Vs Alen and Predator)

And the third was no where to be seen, she was curently trying to locate the monster. She had met the beast before, it had attacked Predator. Killing her newborn in the process and wounding her in the fight, it was a bad idea to take the child with her. But couldn't leave it alone, being only a single mother. The female was currently perched upon a tall building, thinking to herself. She was pissed, yes, but was mourning over her lost child. It was like a switch, f...

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