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Faltering Feathers - Savannah K. Vining

It was the day when the clouds hung low, close to the mountaintops as if drifting amongst the land. Fog coated the trees with a thickness that blinded the men and women who had been traveling across the plains. And when the settlers had finally found a place amongst the grassy fields, near to the river that flowed just beyond it, only then did they stop traveling to build their home.

But little did they know that they were not alone, because just beyond the plains and amidst the woods were unwavering eyes that scrutinized the white men and women. The Cherokee Indians watched the settlers with such curiosity and hatred, that the tension in the air made only one girl look up through the fog.

And when her eyes collided with a pair of dark brown orbs from behind the trunk of a tree, she did not shout or even call to the man. Instead, Amelia walked towards him, not even a soul noticing her as she did.

She was like the wind itself, invisible of the eyes of others, but strong in her ways. No one noticed her walking towards the trees alone, except the man that is.

When she finally came to him, seeing the differences in his dark skin tones and lack of clothes, she did not scream. Instead, as wild and free as a bird that might branch itself on his shoulder, she traced his jaw with her fingers. Abruptly, he had had grasped her hand and stared down at her.

If only she knew that he would not let go of her.

And neither would the Cherokee tribe that surrounded him.


This story contains shape shifting aspects. This is truly an original tale.

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