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Fall In Love Again - Adropofseawater

Plagg is currently heartsick, and is stuffing his stomach with cheese to forget about it. He wants to tell his holder, Adrien, about his problem but it'll only lead to the destruction of Paris. As a kwami, he can sense if his kind is nearby, and it drives him insane when he knows Tikki's nearby. He wants to kiss her cheek so bad, but maybe one day he will, one day will be with his sugarcube again.

Tikki is having daydreams about her other half, Plagg. She knows that if her love for her grows more stronger, she wouldn't function properly and couldn't help her holder, Marinette. As much as she hated his way of doing things, she fell in love with the cat with a cheese obsession. She desperately wants him to flirt and compliment her as she disagrees and screams in the inside, but maybe one day she will, one day she'll be with her kitty again.

They know they've been in this situation before, when they spent centuries training their past holders, but they just can't help it. They know they're desperately in love again.

- Short story
- I don't own Miraculous Ladybug, it belongs to Thomas Astruc
- Do not steal my story, but you can get inspiration from it
- Scenes are from Season 2 only
- I don't own the cover
- contains Plikki/Cheesecake and mentions Adrinette/Ladynoir
- Fluffy
- Will make you scream

Started: 6/9/19
Ended: 6/21/19

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