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Especially My Maid!!!! - Oreommeow

"But she did not listen like always. Maria remembers this I don't eat homemade birthday cake and I don't celebrate birthday with any one especially you. Understand!"

"Oh...I'm sorry Mr. MacLaine I'll throw the cake away and I remember the next time. Excuse me sir."

Alexander MacLaine is a billionaire jackass who love to get into his staff nerves especially Maria his new maid. Regardless of what Alexander still love her cooking and he has too tolerate his new maid behavior. But slowly the feeling of just love her cooking increase and suddenly his heart had change his mind. Can he really be in love with Maria his maid?

Maria work at a billionaire apartment who is a pain in the ass. He is picky, irritating and most of all is the biggest jerk of all. But one thing she know that the billionaire jackass love her cooking. But slowly he made her open to him on thing she never say to anyone before and slowly be felt that maybe she might have fallen in live him but no..that can't be she is there for some other reason, other reason which does not include her empty heart. Can she be really falling for him and what happen when her real secret it out?

Credit: All photo is not mine there from google. TQ

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