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Empress Of Fire [asian Fantasy/adventure | Oncii | Complete] - Kat Hollister

**Featured on Wattpad's Eastern Fantasy 19/6/18 and Wattpad Picks 20/7/18** Lian snuck out of the imperial palace and exposed the village healer to be a fraud and a devil-worshipper. Cursed by the spurned fire god, Huogwai, and disgraced and cast out by the royal family, Lian set out with her manservant Emiru to the kingdom of fire to rid her of the curse of uncontrollable flames for a chance to regain her claim to the throne. But being a fire disciple meant she was a practitioner of the forbidden arts. For those that hunt her kind, the game had just started.

Formerly Firestarter, written for the Open Novella Contest I.

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