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Elemental 2 - Zincalight


"Look close into your soul
Search deeper than before
Perhaps what you are looking for
Is waiting there after all"

It has gone missing.

The most dangerous game in the world of magic, a fatal board game called 'Malediction', has been stolen. Created by makers with skewed senses of humour, this game has the potential to destroy the world.

The Chairman of the British Authority of Magic reaches out to Tori, enlisting her help in tracking down the thief and the game before its horrors are unleashed. Tori, still trying to get back onto her feet after her first year at Eldridge College of the Magical Arts, grudgingly accepts to help.

After all, it's only a board game. How bad could it be, right?


In this charged race against time, and a man more evil than can be fathomed, it is up to Victoria to hunt down the game, before an unpleasant past explosively repeats itself.

And as if that is not enough, Tori must man up to face the ghost of the past of a woman who was known by all and yet by none, who has taken to haunting Tori's dreams.

Is she just a figment of Tori's imagination?

If not, then what is it that she is so adamant to warn Tori about?

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