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Dìlseachd - A Stolen Crown - Gwynnedd O'maeswnhir

Princess of the Highlands Trilogy Book 1
It was called a time of darkness.

For it was then that the flower of Scotland's men perished beneath the Danish axe as the Northmen swept across the Highlands, killing everything in their path and splitting Scotland in two.

The last remaining heir to the Scottish throne is now imprisoned--soon to be murdered.

Six years after that fateful battle, the Lowlanders, weary of the Danish yoke, seek to reunite and overthrow their adversaries. Yet spies are everywhere, and many of the Scots cannot be trusted. Will they stay true? Or does their loyalty, dìlseachd, no longer have any meaning to them?

Only time will tell whether the Scots are faithful to the true heir as they fight to overthrow the Danes, rescue the princess, and restore her to her rightful crown.

But perhaps they are too trusting on oaths from the past.

**Highest Ranking: #34 in Historical Fiction 8/24/2020**

January Book of the Month in Historical Fantasy in The Gladiator Pit by @Court-Of-Etiquette
Top 5 in The Historical Award 2019 by @HistoricalFiction
Best Technical Skill in Fiction in The 2019 Futhark Awards by @TheBardicCollege
Best Historical Fiction Chapter in What a Chapter Contest by @The_Bookshop

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The Carnation Awards 2020 by @thatgalmagic_

The Rarity Awards 2017 by @therarityawards
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The Golden Writer Award- 1st Edition by @GoldenWriterProfile

© Cheyenne van Langevelde 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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