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Denied. Dirty Scene (an Amazingphil And Danisnotonfire Fanfic) - Hi16320

Phills Pov.

We entered the elevator my arm still wrapped around the girl. I had managed to sneak my arm down to her waist. my pants were feeling a bit tight so i loosend my belt. Nothing. I looked down to see maybe i ate too much. Nope. It took me a few seconds to notice. Right below my torso. I got a b0ner. I started to panic trying to pull my shirt down to cover it. No use. The elevator door finally opend and we stepped out. once we got up to my door i swiped my key card and unlocked the door. We stepped in and i closed the door flipping on the light. We both sat on my bed. I tried covering my pants one last time but i made it too obvious. She noticed. i saw her look down at my area and back up to me biting her bottom lip. I dont curse much and i dont think like this really at all but. Damn she looked hot. I wanted to get in her now. and she knew it.

I watched as she slipped her shoes and socks off of her feet i did the same with mine. I took off her beanie and tossed it somewhere ...

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