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Danger Zone - Bella Love

Imagine being so involved and invested in a relationship that nothing you your significant other did was wrong to you.

Well that is Mercury's life! She is a strong willed, and talented dancer. She has seen it all, done it all. She's happily in love and married. Her dancer career has shot through the roof after she graduated from Juilliard.

She is living her best life. Her husband is a good man, he works provides a house and food as a husband should. He just was never taught to keep his hands to himself and that no means no.

Nazareth Vassos is a very smart girl, also living her best life. She just finished nursing school with a bachelor's. Despite all her tattos and her stud attire, she is a sweetheart.

She lives by herself just trying to do right by her dying mother.

Living in the liveliest city in America Las Vegas has its ups and down for both women.

Join another ride of mines and see how they cross paths.

Bella 💋💋💋💖💖

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