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Coming Undone - Noah Dexter

How far would you go for a second chance?

Humanity thought that meeting intelligent life would bring peace.

They were wrong.

Decades after first contact, Mankind is locked in a power struggle, not with our neighbors, but with ourselves. As nuclear war threatens to re-ignite in a nearby colony, Humanity looks to the best the galaxy has to offer.

And the best aren't human.

A pilot and his friend, trapped on a riot-stricken world, hold the information needed to strike decisively and end the war before it begins. He will stop at nothing to get them to safety, and she would give the world for a chance at redemption.

But with governments trading secrets, assassins behind every corner, and war sinking its teeth into a struggling solar system, will the two operatives be able to make it home with their lives?
And more importantly, their honor?

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