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Cold Dead Mind - Emmy

It's been four months since the incident that changed Easton's life forever. Now living in Halson, Colorado, he discovers it's not that easy to balance his friends, school, and soccer while trying to cope with his past.

However, upon meeting Naiya at a party one night, things start to change. Suddenly, Easton feels like his life might be looking up.

And then things start to go downhill. Fast. Letters from Easton's brother, Damon, are being sent to him from prison. Though at first they seem harmless in nature, Easton starts to notice a pattern. Not only has Damon rekindled the horrors of Easton's past, but he presents a new danger that threatens Easton's safety.

Suddenly Easton feels he might not be quite as safe in Halson as he initially thought.

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