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Clover Season - Bubble✨

Chloe Emerald known as the coolest, prettiest, most popular girl in Sky North high school. She was the school's Trendsetter, she had a lot of friends because of her humble and friendly personalities. She was also the cheerleaders captain which made her always on top of the topic. She also had a big dream to be a model, until one day a single email from one of the most popular modeling agency finally contact her, she had to follow her dream by leaving her friends, family and of course her twin sister Charlotte.

Charlotte emerald was the total opposite from Chloe it seemed like chloe was always have the spotlight while Charlotte was invisible, even though they are an identical twin but their personalities and hobby are a total different. Charlotte was more introvert, she likes to spend her Saturday night reading a books while listen into a music. She didn't really have a lot of friends only the girl in the neighborhood that she knew since she was a little, it used to be the three of them Chloe, Charlotte and Jenna.

But her life was changing until Chloe left where she had to replace chloe for the yearbook, it was all because of Chloe won as the prettiest girl for the yearbook. Chloe supposed to take her last picture but she already left to new york, so the committee got an idea to replace Chloe with Charlotte just for a single picture. There was the time where Charlotte had to change herself for a moment just for chloe and that was also the time where she met Noah,

Noah Clark was the most popular guy in sky north high school, he was the football star. Everyone know him as the most popular bad boy in school, and he won the most handsome guy where he had to take a single picture in one frame with Chloe. But technically it was Charlotte, that was the time where Noah finally noticed chloe Emerald's invisible twin, Charlotte.

A single picture could change Charlotte Emerald's life.

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