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Choice // An Eevee The Pokemon Story - Frostvee

8 different eeveelutions.

Different capabilities, forms, weaknesses and attitude.

Different smile.


As a eevee strolled through a forest and ended up getting a new owner, life changed

"It needs to be evolved!"

"Eevee sucks, they're noob."

"I bet my Squirtle can defeat her with just a tackle."

"Her evolutions are so freaking better than this thing."

Hear that? That's the sound of un-satisfaction...disgrace...shame.

Everybody wants eevee not just for eevee. They want her for her evolutions. Even a shiny eevee, a ultra rare version of eevee, is also highly unliked.

"Evolve it for more benefits." Even the profressor agrees with most people.


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