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Childhood Love - Kenzie

Mae and Carson have always been THE couple people just couldn't get enough of, even if the two smitten kids weren't exactly official. But everyone in town knew they liked one another and planned on being a couple in the future without batting an eye. So when a big fight leaves the two in a silent war, it didn't just break the hearts of Mae and Carson, but also hopeful bystanders. What no one saw coming was Mae unexpectedly had to leave town to move to Kansas for her father's work. With the struggle between both boy and girl, neither of them stepped up to fix the problem before the big move, leaving many unresolved feelings and thoughts.

Now fast forward from 1996 to 2006 when they're all grown up. Mae and Carson have been successful in their work and never dreamed of seeing one another again, so when they do, it's bound to be a mess, right?

All Mae hopes though is to get rid of her Childhood Love and move on with her promising future, but sometimes life just doesn't want to say goodbye just yet . . .

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