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Briar & Thistles // Warrior Cats Short Story - .•°mako°•.

"oh, hello there! i didn't see you at first; my name is briarpetal. would you like to hear a story?"

「briars & thistles belongs to me (@makobubbles-) and only me along with all characters and clans mentioned. i do not own the warrior cats franchise as it belongs to erin hunter.

warning; this book contains mature themes that include but do not limit to: lgbt+ characters, death, gore, mental and physical disorders, abuse, and more. if any of this makes you uncomfortable then i suggest you do not read this or proceeded with caution. you have been warned.
please do not leave any comments such as "cats cant be transgender." this is a fictional story, so things that usually wouldn't happen in real life, will happen in this book.」

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