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Bound To You - Bella Esther

"And in the mystification they realized that they were mates."

Aurella carries the world on her shoulders. As a young child, she was expected nothing more than to meet her parents' and pack's expectations. Now, as a young woman, those expectations are coming into reality though they are different from before. Unfeeling from years of training, Aurella is sent to England to start over, after a horrible incident with the King.

However, getting closure is harder than she anticipated after she meets the King. Even when she realizes who he is to her, she still wants nothing to do with him. But when Aurella is in trouble, the King begs to rescue her, dark secrets are unraveled and she would rather die than let him save her.

However with all the challenges she faces he seems to be there for her. Her choices affect him immensely but her negligence to his emotions will come with consequences.

No one is innocent in a game of love and war.

~A King Only Bows Down To His Queen~

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Cover by @Carkann

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