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Boondocks/completed ✅ - Wendy Cole

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This is book 2 in The Human Nature series, but can be enjoyed on its own.

Fern knows how to survive. That's all she's done since her family was killed for hiding refugees, forcing her to flee their farm and enter a life of solitude in the woods. All she has is a small pack of basics and the echo of her daddy's voice. She's haunted by their ghosts and blames the loss of them on her daddy's decision to help others.

Until a routine hunt goes haywire in the form of a talking bear and a giant named Tex. When he sees Fern's abilities at survivalism, he knows he needs her knowledge. He wants her help, not just for the people in his camp, but with the army he's building, and the government he wants to overthrow.

Fern will have to make a choice. Follow in her father's footsteps and risk another loss, or return to her life of loneliness and let the world fall down around her.

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