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Billionaire Series 1: Untold Desire - Seph Marii

"You are MINE and MINE alone the moment I had you, and I won't let you go." He emphasized every word as his hot trail of kisses distracted me from listening. He then stopped as he faced me, our faces nearly an inch apart.

Not now, not ever." He closed the distance between us and locked my lips with his, as I kept struggling to get out of his grip.


She was married to the man that she hates and was trying to earn money so that she could leave him immediately. That was her plan, but can she still leave after all his husband did for her? Or will she stay and open a new chapter with him?

Started: April 29,2020.



Ps. This is CLICHÈ, as in SUPER CLICHÈ. No major plot twists, just a fairy fantasy.

Dark Romance. Here, you can ship unhealthy relationships but you won't do it irl. I created this for enjoyment and there's a reason this is fiction.

Slow Newbie!

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