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Beauty And The Beast (a Modern Fairytale Re-telling) - Megabee33

Carmen had always found her life as a daughter of an antique shop owner to be ordinary and adventure-less. Almost all of the members in her town think she's odd and the richest man in town wants to marry her, but she wants something else.
One evening on a business trip she and her father get lost in an old almost abandoned castle. However they are not welcomed and the beast who lives there let's them know that right away. Carmen begs for her fathers freedom and the beast allows him to live if his only daughter agrees to live the rest of her life in this castle with the beast.
Carmen agrees to live with the beast in his castle and as time goes on she begins to realize that this castle and the beast himself are not all that seem to be. Will Carmen find away to help the beast and in doing so will she come to love the beast and all that his...? Find out...

Started: March 26, 2017
Finished: May 1, 2017

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