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Ask And Dare The Big Eight And Me - Jelsa For Always

Hey so if u wanna ask questions or give dares to Jelsa Kristanna merricup eugenzel and me with a special guest then plz read this book.

If u wanna be in the book u can comment.

Also there will be cuss words.

Jelsa aren't together yet. They r frienimes. They r friends because theryre friends are friends. They like each other but no one knows that. They r really good at hiding feelings. They r enimes because they like each other and they don't know about it. They both think they hate each other but secretly they like each other.

Kristanna isn't together but they r besties but they like each other and everyone including them know that but they don't admit.

Merricup and eugenzel are toghter
While me I m single but for this book I will make a guy best friend and I have a girl best friend in this book who exists in real life.

Hope u enjoy byes

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