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Argonaut - The Vestige (part Iii) - Chris

Darkness has fallen, and all hope is lost for those that remain to resist the Stygian Horrors... Until a light comes from the most unlikely of places. A young man awakens six months after Atlas fell, with no memories of his own. He does not have a name, he does not have a life. What he does have is a familiar power, and a number. He is known as Five.

Five breaks free from his prison, crashing into a world ravaged by fear as the Stygians draw closer to their goal of complete domination. Haunted by visions from a life that is not his own, Five struggles to come to terms with being the hero nobody wanted. Hunted by Silverlight and hated by Archaeans, the last hope Earth has must decide if it's really worth saving people who would rather he never existed. Would you save a world that loathed you, or would you let it burn to the ground? This is where the Argonaut Trilogy concludes, welcome to the end of the world.

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