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Alpha Black - Kate

Her eyes were still bright and glowing, only this time with a different meaning. Lust. It swirled and taunted me. Begging me to do something about it, but that'd be too easy.

"No.." she said barely above a whisper, licking her pink plump lips.

I whispered even lower into her ear,

"Lying doesn't suit you mate, I can smell what I'm doing to you. And it's fucking delicious" I finished running my lips up her neck to her ear, which I nipped at lightly. Pulling a small gasp from her pretty little mouth


Lucien's cold ways push people away, yet that's what's kept him alive all this time. Anastasia has fought her way to the top and won't let go. When they find that they are one another's mate....will they part in stubbornness of their roles they play, or will they put asides their pride and ego, and accept their bond?

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