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All The Dead (chara X Reader) - Y

"Psychotic tendencies..."

As a child, Y/n L/n had a good life. She was always complimented for her h/c hair and e/c eyes. She had a loving little sister and a caring mom and good friends. So, if she had the perfect life, why did she throw herself into Mt. Ebott?

When Y/n awoke in the Underground she immediately noticed how much nicer the monster's are. They all brought a smile to her face and she felt at home. Toriel was always a mom to her, Sans and Papyrus were brother's, and Frisk was her best friend. She couldn't have ever wanted more. So, why did she kill all of them?

Her and Chara had killed everyone more times than countable together. Chara was happy they found someone they could connect with, and Y/n was happy someone accepted the fact that she was a killer. They got along perfectly, the best of friends! Murders, of course, but still best friends. And they were always just friends.


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