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A Werewolf ?! [tkko] - Luna The Wolf :3

"Don't worry, I still love you.. ! If you are a wolf or a human.. !"

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Ko from his way back home, got face a face with a wolf, that's was strange cuz' it's rare to see this animal in his region.. and for his unluck he got bitten and now he became a Werewolf.. .

He gotta find a way to protect this secret from school, friends, family and his future lover.. Tko.. !

Main Characters:

Ko: A good and innocent boy, that's turn into a big and aggressive creature at full moons, will he in the future be able to control himself.. ?

Tko: A bad moody and emo boy, which deep down is not a heart of stone, he will fall in love with Ko and if anything hurts him, he'll hunt it down at all costs.. !

Dendy: A cute and nerd kappa girl, with her big intelligent, she will try to solve all the mysteries, which means she's probably be the first one to know Ko's secret.. .

Combo Breaker: A stupid and sassy robot boy, he's the one who saw Ko's almost transforming and the one who will definitely try to show everybody about the aberration that Ko's trying to hide.. !

Fink: A brat and troublemaker rat girl, she's Tko's adopted sister and loves a trouble and will accept anything because of that fact.. .

Nanini: A popular and cool girl, she's a friend of everyone, she likes to help with some favors from her best friends that are Dendy and Ko.. !

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