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A Dummy's Lady - A Goosebumps Fanfiction {completed} - ~mystery Of Forlot~

After the invasion on Madison, Stine thinks that all of his monster problems are behind him. That is, until a girl moves to Madison. And that is when things start heading south.

"I know that I have seen that person before," I whispered to myself, trying to think on the matter. "Somewhere...but where?"

I cannot think straight. I have to get out of here.

Suddenly, I was grabbed by my arms. I quickly turned, getting hair in my mouth as I did so. My eyes widened. I gasped in shock.

The mysterious person was a boy.

Well, that was not the shocking part.

The shocking part was that the boy was human.

Nope. We girls are not afraid of boys, especially human boys. Right?

"Hey!" I yelled out in protest. I was going to say more, but he quickly put both of his arms around my waist, leaned in...and passionately kissed me on the lips.

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