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饾摙饾摲饾摢饾摻饾摤饾摫饾摬饾摲饾摪 饾摃饾摢饾摻饾摦 - 馃憫饾暭饾枤饾枈饾枈饾枔饾暤饾枤饾枠饾枡饾枎饾枅饾枈馃憫

Warning: THIS IS JUST A RAW DRAFT, NOT YET EDITED OR REVISIONED, so please bear with me if there's a lot of grammatical errors or wrong spellings or worse, CRINGY SCENES!


After Becky Lynch found out a little secret that would eventually destroy Seth Rollins, doubt and conscience came over to divide Becky's desicion. And now, she had made herself two choices, that she knew would change the whole ride of their story.

A. If she tells him and he believes, she'll be the reason for Seth's downfall. But if he doesn't, she'll definitely lose him and their friendship.


B. If she's not going to tell him, he'll find out anyway, and it's the lesser sin. But, what if he found out that she knew this ever since? She's screwed.

Both choices has a cause and if you were in her shoes, what option will you choose if both of the choices, you realize that you'll lose him either way? Are you ready?

Date started: July 2019


Book cover by: @MoranaGlinka

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