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The Soul Of Love - E.x. Alexander

Eros, primordial god of love, has been hiding in plain sight since the primordialomachy. He and the gods of old have been biding their time, assuming the identities of gods of the Greek pantheon, waiting for the time when they will rise again and take back what was stolen from them. For eons, Eros has been looking for his lost soulmate, her return marks the beginning of end of the Olympians and the return of the primordial gods. But Eros' soulmate is reborn a mortal, with no memory of Eros.

"Psyche, make your choice now. I only have so much control and I have waited so long for you that I cannot continue to let you touch me without taking you. So choose, do I stay or do I go?"

Psyche stilled at his words. Feeling that something fragile and precious would be lost if she allowed him to leave this night she made her decision. "Stay."

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If you enjoy The Soul of Love, check out its prequel, The Wind and the Flower. It tells the love story of Zephyrus and Khloris.

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